Steps to getting a website designed

Steps to getting a website designed

People may get the ecommerce website Dubai and start selling their own products or create websites for their friends in order to create their portfolio. If you have interest in creating website design Dubai then you can start having your own website as an experiment and as your own live portfolio to show this to other people and get hired by them. Here are some steps to create a website which will get the fame soon:

First thing is that you have to know about the reason of the website. You will better know about it when you have your own website but you also have to know about the reason when you are creating one for your client. It will help you in selecting the right theme, plug-ins and back-end settings according to the needs of that website.

Second is that you have to create the design of your website. There will be numerous free themes which you can use on the WordPress website but if you are aware of the back-end settings then you can make your own custom theme by changing the codes and having different combination of pug-ins in your website. It is necessary that you know about the back-end settings as well otherwise you have to hire another person for that.

Third is that you have to discuss that design with your client when you are creating the website for them. If you are having one for yourself then you need to compare that website design with the website of the same niche and you will get the idea whether your design is equally good or more or less than that website. Compare with the website which is already very famous and have millions of viewers every day.

Fourth is that you have to take the hosting to publish your website to the internet. If you are not able to get the hosting as it will be paid then you will have to use the free hosting websites and your data will not be save with them and they can cancel or remove your website at any time without telling you the reason. That’s why it is necessary to have the hosting and you can get the cheaper one in the start just to be live on the internet and to gain more traffic there.