Reason to see a urologist

Reason to see a urologist

It doesn’t matter whether you are men or a woman; regular health screening is crucial for everyone. The majority of people don’t like to see doctors often until they get sick or there is something wrong. But in reality, regular visiting your doctor keeps you aware of minor health issues and protects you from developing severe diseases. According to the best urologists in Dubai; regular testicle screening is essential for both men and women. Urologists are specialist doctors who de with the urinary and reproduction system. In men, they deal with prostate issues, reproductive organs, and urinary problems. Here is some critical condition that requires seeing an urologist.

Prostate issues and cancer screening:

One of the most common diseases, which are found in men, is prostate cancer. This disease doesn’t have any symptoms until it becomes severe. However, with regular urologist checkups, you can catch this disease in the early stage and find a reliable treatment for prostate cancer. Many things are involved in prostate cancer screening, like blood tests (PSA) and rectal exams.

Issues in the urinary system:

Another common issue that men have to face is the problems in the urinary system. It includes a urinary stream, passing urine frequently, and many other issues. The symptoms of urinary issues are the growth of the prostate gland and blood in the urine. However, it doesn’t refer to prostate cancer. But if you left these conditions untreated, it can lead to severe kidney or bladder issues.

Testicle pain: 

Most people don’t care about testicle pain or changes. But in reality, the monthly examination is crucial to diagnose the real issues behind testicle pain. If you are experiencing such conditions, make sure to concern with a urologist before it becomes severe for you.

Blood in urine:

There could be various reasons to come blood in your urine such as stone in kidney, prostate enlargement, and bladder or kidney tumor. That’s why, if you find blood in your urine, get a urologist appointment instantly and go for further screening.

Erectile dysfunction:

This is a common issue in men that occurs due to medical problems or when they get older. Some psychological problems also become the reason for erectile dysfunction, which is an embarrassing situation for men. However, with proper treatment by a urologist, you can fix this issue soon.

Stone in the kidney:

Kidney stone is another reason to see an urologist. These stones cause severe pain in the kidney if you left it untreated.

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