Tips for the IELTS listening and speaking tests

Tips for the IELTS listening and speaking tests

The IELTS is a difficult test which you can certainly pass with a little preparation and some tips. In this article, you will find some very helpful tips regarding the listening test and the speaking tests of IELTS which, if you are about to appear in the test, are very essential

The tips for the IELTS test are as follows

Tips for the listening test of IELTS

  • Checking your headphones to be sure they are working fine is the first thing to do. If you are having trouble with your headphones, get them checked
  • Make sure to make the best use out of the time given to you by reading the questions patiently until the recording starts again
  • Don’t trying to understand everything that is being said in the recording when it starts again but instead listen to the recording very attentively and focus on the answers
  • Keep  noting all points you think are significant while listening
  • Don’t exceed your range by overwriting your answers
  • Don’t forget to recheck your answers for spelling errors or grammatical mistakes
  • Write everything in uppercase and don’t use small letters

Tips for the speaking test of IELTS

The first tip for the speaking test is to be confident as it makes everything easier

  • Know the difference between speaking test and an interview and be friendly
  • Give extra information along with the answers that you have been told to give
  • Vocabulary should not be your center of focus
  • A very essential part of the IELTS is using good grammar
  • Keep in mind it is not an interview and don’t put a lot of focus on how you dress
  • Make a good first impression by not making a lot of pauses
  • As the important requirement of this test is to be able to speak English frequently and understand the English and to improve your speaking skills, you can take spoken English classes in Dubai.

Make sure you take part in spoken English courses, if you are not very good at English as you can’t give IELTS in any other language. To get completely prepared for the IELTS test, you need to get yourself registered for the IELTS course in Dubai.

We hope that you succeed in your IELTS test. Best of luck!