Kinds of chocolate

Kinds of chocolate

If you want to become a chocolatier in Dubai then you should be familiar with almost all the kinds of chocolate. Some of these are discussed below:

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is usually made from dark chocolate having less amount of cocoa but having high amount of sugar and also a product of milk. If we compare milk chocolate and dark chocolate, milk chocolate doesn’t have very heavy as well as sweeter flavor. 

You can easily get milk chocolate from your nearest supermarkets or grocery shops. But, whenever you go to buy milk chocolate, make sure you get the one that is shiny, glossy less fragile.

Milk chocolate is known to make people’s mood better because it contains caffeine, tyrosine, theobromine, etc. When milk chocolate is utilized in baking, the taste and flavor of milk chocolate gets mixed with several other ingredients which enhances the taste to a great extent.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can also be referred to as unsweetened chocolate. There is absence of milk in dark chocolate and because of this dark chocolate has a dry and unsweetened taste. Even of its dry and unsweetened taste, most people like to eat dark chocolate. The main ingredients included in dark chocolate are beans of cacao, sugar and flavors such as vanilla, etc.

Because of high amount of beans of cacao, dark chocolate has got a deep, great color that is extra bright and vibrant when compared to milk chocolate or white chocolate. Dark chocolate contains great nutrition form since it is considered as a good origin of antioxidants and is loaded with nutrients such as fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, etc. Moreover, dark chocolate is also helpful in protecting the purchasers’ health of heart and also improves the flow of blood in their entire body.

White chocolate

The white chocolate doesn’t have cocoa powder and this is why the color of this chocolate is not brown. The most important element of white chocolate is basically the cocoa butter which is blended with solids of milk, fats of milk, sugar, etc.

White chocolate doesn’t contain quite a lot of chocolate flavor but it somewhat similar to smooth and glossy vanilla.

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