How to make the most of your dining experience at an arabic restaurant?

How to make the most of your dining experience at an arabic restaurant?

Food lovers who wish to try the distinct flavor of Middle Eastern cuisine, while enjoying the unique cultural experience of dining at the best Arabic restaurants in Abu Dhabi, will fine dining at one of these eateries overwhelming. However, to make the most of dining at an Arabic restaurant, here are several tips to consider:

Try out the Traditional fare- When you are there to dine-in at an Arabic restaurant, try some of the traditional dishes that the eatery offers.

– Briyani- A traditional Arabic main dish that is a combination of Middle Eastern herbs and spices, prepared with basmati rice. It can be tried with either chicken, lamb or fish as the main meat.
– Kebabs- One of the most popular and loved traditional dishes found in every Arabic restaurant’s menu are kebabs. Kebabs are typically made of some type of meat, with a blend of spices, onions and vegetables.

– Baklava- A popular desert, found at almost all Middle Eastern restaurants is a sweet pastry filled with nuts. It is actually one of the best Turkish foods in Abu Dhabi now famous around the globe.

Take in the Ambiance- Many Arabic restaurants typically feature customary decor from the Middle East which enhances the overall dining experience. Even if you are not actually dining in the Middle East, many traditional restaurants provide patrons with a backdrop similar to Arabic culture that provides a more authentic overall experience.

Start With an Appetizer- Its often a great idea to try out some appetizers for these dishes are ideal for sharing. They give you a better idea of traditional snacks and treats that Arabic eaters tend to enjoy at home. Hummus, is one of them that is a blended chick-pea based dip served with the world famous pita bread. Tabouleh salad is yet another popular dish found on many Middle Eastern menus which is a light and healthy choice. It usually has parsley, onion, tomatoes, mint and bulgur and can be enjoyed on its own, or as a dip.

Try Shisha- For an authentic dining experience, finishing your meal with shisha is great. Shisha is smoked from a special pipe, similar to a hookah pipe, seen as a social experience for diners, and several patrons who enjoy it especially after meal and desert. Most Middle Eastern establishments designate a special section of their restaurant solely to shisha smoking.

For food lovers looking to try Arabic food for the first time, remember these tips to have the best experience possible at any Middle Eastern establishment.