Benefits of being a fire fighter

Benefits of being a fire fighter

We all wanted to be the hero of some day. Other than superman or wonder woman, there are some real-life heroes who are on standby even to risk their lives when it comes to saving the day. And such people called the fire fighters who carry heavy loads of FM 200 suppression systems and wear hottest suites.

According to the fire fighting equipment suppliers in Sharjah, this job is among the most dangerous jobs in the world and that is why it is said to be among the noble jobs as well. there are some fire fighters who have been awarded with the highest rank, country wise and worldwide as well. Being fire fighter means that your guts and limits will be constantly tested and pushed but you don’t need to get scared because there are tons of benefits being a fire fighter that will motivate you to become one.

Job Security and Benefits: all the fire departments are connected and affiliated with the govt which means that there are semi govt fire departments and there are govt fire departments which means that if you are hired then your job is secured unless you do a nasty thing that gets you fired and your retirement plans are secure as well.

Purpose and Sense of Fulfillment: there are many fire fighters who even have lost limbs and even have fully damaged skin but they live happily because they think that serving humanity is the biggest dream of theirs and that is also why people love fire fighters and have great respect for them.

Ever Lasting Bonds: fire fighters are like brothers in arms and forever sisters, they spend much time together and they always have each other’s back.

No Work to Take Home: unlike other offices, where employees have to take their work at home and make sure that it is submitted on the same date, fire fighters have this benefit that they are free after their shift ends.

Exercise Everyday: most of us who avoid exercise and they want to lose weight, become a fire fighter and you will be forced to do exercises till you retire from the department which is a good thing.

Cool Equipment: you get to work with amazing technology and cool equipment which is almost every kid’s dream.